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Learn Free How to Promote and Approve Punjabi Language Song on YouTube

How to Approve Punjabi Song Ads on YouTube: if you want to know this then you are at the right place. In this article, we will guide you on how to promote and approve Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Kashmiri, Haryanvi, Himachali language songs, and videos on YouTube through Adwords. how to promote approve Punjabi song on YouTube

First thing keep in a mind these are not supported languages by Google ads, So generally when beginners try to promote through video, its gets rejected several times and not approved, because according to Google regional content like Punjabi, Kashmiri, Haryanvi, Bhojpuri languages are unsupportive for YouTube guidelines.

In this article, we will share some secret techniques used by digital marketing companies to promote regional voice video ads to increase views and subscribers. You will learn free video ad approval and how to promote and approved songs campaigns.

How to Approve Punjabi Song Ads on YouTube:

I will not teach you how to set up video ads campaigns. The starting steps you can learn online. We will talk about the real process and how to fix unsupported language issues in ads. This is the main issue we get in our ads. As we know Google approves all style video ads but Punjabi, Bhojpuri, and any other regional content YouTube ads disapproved every time. Because there are some hidden tricks and rules with the help of we can fix unsupported language issues on our PPC campaigns. Let’s start how we can work and approve campaigns with this hidden trick.

  • After creating your video ad for your song we have some waiting time to review our ad. In the backend process actually there are Google bots that check your Ads quality, if it meets all requirements for Ads type, It will be selected to approve or reject the either it is discovery ad or skippable.
  • But 99.9% chances it will be rejected because on checking of bots the language of ads is regional or local that is unsupported for AdWords guidelines, So still, we have the same question left Why does AdWords not promote the regional audio content?

how to fix unsupported punjabi language issue in youtube ads

  • In this image, you see this song is promoted via Discovery ads, also the song is Punjabi. When a beginner tries to Promote Song on YouTube its is disapproved by message Unsupported Language Issue. So what they used to promote, which bots didn’t crawl it and accept this. I am going to reveal this trick on how to promote the approve Haryanvi, Bhojpuri, etc song.

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How to promote Punjabi song ads that got disapproved several times

After disapproval, we have only one question in our mind how can I fix the unsupported language issue in AdWords for Punjabi content?

  • For local language, there is a small trick which hardly takes 5 minutes and after this, you can resubmit your ad and there are 60% – 70% chances you can get your ad approved.
  • When we are setting our campaign Ads there are main options to select like Video type, Time, Budget of video, Placements, interest, age, gender, location, and language.
  • These are very important steps to select while creating a campaign for video ads, especially when we are creating a campaign for regional video ads.
  • Because if we did any mistake while selecting these options then surely 100% chances our Punjabi language YouTube video ads not approved.
  • everything is the same but the main options are language, location, interest, keywords, and placement.
  • If you add keywords like this “latest Punjabi song” “best Bhojpuri songs” “news Haryanvi songs 2020” this is the biggest mistake you are doing. Because this is the easiest way Google bots will understand your keywords and reject your ads because this is unsupportive according to Adwords.

How are Punjabi language YouTube video ads approved

Learn free video Ad Approval for Punjabi, Bhojpuri Songs on Youtube

  • After seeing this above image there are also other questions that come in our mind about how these ads come on top after searching the keyword “Punjabi song”? and We are talking about ignoring these types of keywords. Actually this is the part of the secret trick with the help of you can approve the video of our song and add many keywords likes this to improve ad ROI and views, subscribers, reach, and shares.
  • After the rejection of ads for the unsupported local language, we have the option to edit the ad campaign and resubmit again for approval of the ad campaigns.
  • Keep in this while editing ads which are unsupported language ads which are not accepted by Google, Please don’t add any keywords in the first attempt. Keep empty the keywords on your Ad group or campaign level. Also don’t select a particular location and placement. By this method, we can confuse Google bots to check our campaigns and help us to promote songs on YouTube.
  • We have many cases while creating campaigns we empty our keywords, placements, a location that defines bots to easily check the video type and results are good about 70% -80% google ads vodeo songs Ads approved. After the approval, we can set location, placements, interests, and add multiple keywords according to our choice.
  • This is the main trick for Punjabi language songs AdWords ads for Youtube videos and by this method, we can approve video songs and increase views and subscribers. Now we have answers to our many user’s common questions on how to promote Punjabi songs, use this method, and try on your video ads.

But if still anyone facing this issue, you can comment on this post with your issue we will 100% try to solve it and approve your song video ad. Because. YouTube algorithms always changing day by day there is not 100% guarantee this method will work. Because this method is just for beginners to learn how we can set up and approve the campaigns, digital marketing companies have many Adwords accounts with millions of spending on previous campaigns, So it will easy to approve new content. If you have any inquiries regarding Adwords ads you can contact us. We will guide you regarding ad approval process.


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