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Social Media Widget – Tools to embed social media feed on the website


Social Media from the moment of its insurgence has been popular among people, most of the people tend to spend their precious time on social media.
Social media because of its immense popularity now plays an important role in setting the trend all around the world.

And brands and businesses have understood it and are constantly working towards encapsulating the power of social media for its use.

Nowadays brands have started to embed social media feeds widget on the website showcasing their feeds directly on the website to improve visitor’s engagement.

What Is Social Media Widget?

Social Media widget is a channel between the social media and website it empowers your website to show live social media feeds, allows the visitor to share the website content directly on their social media platforms and many more.

Widgets, unlike old times, are now very easy to install in a normal Html website all you need to do to embed is copy and paste the source code on your website, and for Wordpress it just all you need to carry out is a one-click plugin installation.

Tools To Embed Social Media Feed On The Website:

#Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is a product of the world’s best UGC platform Taggbox.
It allows you to curate a beautiful social media widget of yours by integrating the feeds from all the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Taggbox widget very easy to use comes up with a ton of features like:

Personalization: It allows you to personalize your curated feeds by applying the themes, changing the shape, size, and color of the feed or even it allows you to change the card style of the feed.
Moderation: Display only what you want! With Taggbox moderation it is very much possible to discard the unwanted feeds from the curated wall.

Tools: Custom post, banner, ticker, profanity filter name a tool and there’s a high chance that you will find out it in Taggbox long tools list.

Auto Update: Feeds on the website automatically updates itself eventually always giving visitors to for something new.


Feed Wind is an amazing third party tool to embed RSS feed on the website, it is user friendly and provides a start for a free option so one can easily get his hands on the product before paying.

It comes up with ample mobile layout options to choose from and has some amazing scrolling features. And the best part is that all you need to do to embed this on the website is copy and paste the source code.

#Add This

Add this is one highly use social; media widget. It displays the floating social media button on the website that allows the visitor to directly share the website content to their social media platform.

This helps the website to encapsulate the high amount of organic traffic from social media to the website.

#Light Widget

Light widget is a popular third party social media widget provider it integrates the content from the major social media platform from one place and embeds that in the website in the form of a widget

It provides various grid and slider themes to choose from that could be displayed on the widget, Moreover, it allows you to add custom CSS and change the width and size of the feed directly from the panel itself


WPzoom is a very popular social media widget for the WordPress website. It is a WordPress widget with a one-click installation.

Like all the other third party social media widget providers it also creates a channel between the website and the social media. allowing you to display social media feed on the website or to share the website content on the social media

#Embed Social
Reviews have always been a strong word of mouth for brands, it allows the brands to show another person appraisal for its brand, moreover embedding review from all the major platform like FaceBook, Yelp, Google reviews increases the authenticity and relevancy of the website

Social media widgets tools like embed social is an amazing tool if you’re looking for embed all the reviews at one place,

It allows you to moderate the feeds according to your wish ie the feeds that you wanted to display on your website are the only on that is displayed.


It’s a moment of epiphany that social media is the best way to connect to people it not only has extensive reach but also higher engagement than any other medium

Social media is a sea of user-generated content that when embedded In the website improves the visitor engagements, authenticity, and relevancy.

The tools discussed above are the best when it comes to embedding social media widget on the website.

Let us know any other tool in the comment section below


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